Company’s coming and the farmer forgot to lock the barn door. Join us in our sixth year as the farmer delves deeper into the madness. There is more to fear than ever before as The Invasion begins.
| Haunted Trail - $9.00 |
All Three Events $15.00 |
| Trick or Treat $5.00 Per Person |

The Cursed Barn
Don’t go into the Barn Dear Guests. The Farmer is opening the barn doors again this year. Will you dare for a scare that lurks around every darl corner you must take. The barn is the most haunted place on the farm and it bares the mark of madness that only the Farmer can grow. Will you..can you make it out of the Farmer’s Barn? There is only one way to know…the barn doors open at the Ghost Farm this October. See y’all real soon at the Ghost Farm of Kingsley.
Haunted Trail
The Farm is dying After years of fighting off the Zombie epidemic, then the FDA shutting down the Zombie Chow operation, and monsters from beyond the television veil on their rampage , and Ravencrow with his terror-filled famine, the farm is on the verge of collapse. Then they came and answered the Farmer’s beacon for help. They offered the mad Farmer all the technology he would need to bring life back to his land or the land back to life. All they wanted in return was a few...specimens from the farm. The Farmer gladly accepted the deal-after all he has been harvesting for years and so many guests come to visit the Ghost Farm of Kingsley-who will notice an abduction or two? Come for the Fear, Stay forever…

The Gravely Greenhouse
Nothing makes the crops grow like a few corpses in the dirt. Unfortunately not all the bodies were dead when the farmer put them in. Now with the start of The Invasion, the dead are rising and hungry for the blood of the farmer. A word to the wise Dear Guests, the Farmer’s best crop in the greenhouse this year is fear sown with seeds of terror. The Gravely Greenhouse awakens this October. Dare for a Scare?
Trick or Treat
Children come in costume, receive a door prize-while supplies last-and trick-or-treat their way through our haunted woods looking for the farm's witch. She's not a very good flyer and we found her broom crashed into the side of the barn but no sign of her. Won't you come out and help our Ghosts find their witch? We also have the farm's animals to be seen in our Old West Ghost Town and lots of fall games to play too! A fun time for all ages! $5/person at the gate.